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  • Samp Cleo

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    Using CLEO it's possible to add custom scripts written with Sanny Builder or another script editor to the game without starting a new game. Adding and removing a script is as easy as copying and deleting a file in the CLEO folder.
  • Sensfix

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    Sensfix zur Konfiguration der Mausgeschwindigkeit im Spiel
    Alt + 1 + Pfeiltaste hoch = Allgemeine Mausgeschwindigkeit höher stellen
    Alt + 1 + Pfeiltaste runter = Allg. Mausg. runter stellen
    Alt + 2+ Pfeiltaste hoch = Mausgeschwindigkeit beim Zielen höher…
  • Sampcac

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    SA-MP Clientside AntiCheat

    Brand new clientside anticheat for SA-MP, designed to detect and report cheaters to the server they are connected to.
    SAMPCAC is aiming to be a replacement for old heavy, unstable anticheat softwares.


    Crashes are…
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